cve-search core team (including adulau and pidgeyL) will be at the Open Source Security Software Hackathon which takes place in Luxembourg (Kirchberg), the 2nd and 3rd of May 2017. If you want to meet us, work with us or contribute to cve-search , it’s a great opportunity to meet us in real life.

During hackathon, the cve-search core team has some objectives:

  • Testing and merging the current development branch which has significant improvements in the API and web interface into the cve-search master branch.
  • Updating the model of release and development to ease collaboration to the cve-search project.
  • Improving documentation and overview to describe the full scale of open data challenges in vulnerability information (VIA4CVE). A call is made to vendors (including security vendors) to release vulnerability information into open format with a license allowing the integration with open source and free software projects.
  • and the most important aspect, distributing cve-search stickers ;-)

We hope to see you there. If you cannot join us physically, we will be in the gitter chat of cve-search.